How Gestational Diabetes Affects Life Insurance Rates

Gestational diabetes is a condition that occurs in almost 20 percent of pregnancies and usually affects women that have never had insurance after gestational diabetes

Even though the medical consensus is that it is a temporary condition that occurs during pregnancy, life insurance underwriters are of a different opinion. Insurance underwriters have concerns since some studies reveal that having gestational diabetes may increase the chances of the woman developing type 2 diabetes later on in life.

This is a point of concern for underwriters since their job entails evaluating whether you pose a risk to the insurance company. If there is a likelihood of you developing type 2 diabetes later on, they think about all other health complications and risks associated with that.

The Connection Between Gestational Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes

When it comes to this topic, insurance underwriters have a different criterion. It is a tricky affair since type 2 diabetes usually has risk factors associated with the person’s lifestyle and is not something that simply manifests from nowhere.

A woman that develops the condition during pregnancy and then forges ahead with consistent exercise and a healthy diet will have a very low probability of developing diabetes later on and vice versa.

It is rather unfair to punish all the women that develop gestational diabetes by giving them higher premiums just in case they ever develop type 2 diabetes 5 or even ten years down the road. However, this is exactly what some insurance companies do.

Does Your Family Have a History of Diabetes?

The better and more sensible way of evaluating whether you are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, later on, is checking your family history. A high correlation exists between family history and the likelihood of someone developing type 2 diabetes during their lifetime.

If you have a family history of diabetes, insurance underwriters will use this as a guideline for charging you a higher premium to offset this risk. As a side note, it is important to adopt healthy lifestyle and eating habits if diabetes is a health concern that runs in your family.

Why You Need to Work with an Independent Agent

Many for up to 10 years life insurance companies will charge you higher premiums after you have gestational diabetes. They do this right from the get go without even considering any additional factors i.e. you do not smoke, your current health is excellent, and you do not have any other high-risk lifestyle factors.

However, on the flipside, there are many insurance companies that do not do this. Therefore, if you were to choose an agent that works for a single company and that company happens to be the one that charges women with gestational diabetes higher insurance premiums, you might end up believing and accepting that it is the norm. It is not!

When you choose to work with some independent agents, you will have to provide comprehensive answers to pertinent questions for them to have a better picture of your family history. Once the agents learn that you have had gestational diabetes previously, they will steer you clear of the insurance companies that charge higher rates for obvious reasons. In the end, you will end up paying less and get the policy that meets your needs best.

In conclusion, this article has looked at the link between gestational diabetes and life insurance premiums. While not all insurance companies will charge higher premiums because you have had gestational diabetes, it is always advisable to choose the insurance companies that don’t practice this type of client categorization. The best way to choose a good company is through an independent agent. Talk to one today to find an insurance companies that will meet your needs best.


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